Saturday, March 29 Recursion Los Angeles

The time has come for every Enlightened agent to take a stand.

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A stand for what’s right.
A stand for truth.
A stand for progress.


What is an Anomaly?

Anomalies are competitive events sponsored by Niantic with special rules that pit Resistance and Enlightened in a fight over defined portals in a city center. Thousands of agents have participated in events across the world and the Recursion anomalies end in Los Angeles this Saturday, March 29.

What is Recursion?

Recursion is the second anomaly event of the Ingression. Green will battle blue in Downtown LA near Union Station and Little Tokyo.

The area will be broken up into several smaller playing fields called clusters. The Enlightened team must attempt to hold the most portals (including the highly prized volatile portals) at three measurement times on 45 minute intervals from 1pm to 3pm. A special battle will follow from 3-5pm over a set of Artifacts which will influence the final Recursion event outcome.

How can you help?

Are you still leveling?

EVERY player is critical to success, no matter the access level. Sub-8 players can join the event and roam freely! Capture any grey portals you can, make links if possible. Try to level and observe the mayhem! Come to meet other LA players and network in your area.

Are you level 8?

Level 8 Agents are broken into teams to cover portal areas and provide support to teammates. Let us know if you are joining the event with our web form.

Join the Cause

Now, more than ever, we need your help in a battle against the Resistance. Please join your Enlightened teammates as we boldly fend off the Resistance in the last arena of the Recursion event.

Keep fighting the good fight and hope to see you there.

What: Final Recursion Event – Los Angeles
When: Saturday, March 29 – 12PM to 5PM
— Come early! This anomaly has a shortened time table. —
Where:Los Angeles Plaza Park Grand Park (NOTE! Start Point Moved!!)
Why: Rally against the Resistance, support your fellow Enlightened, and influence the course of Ingress events!

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