Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Enlightened! This guide is meant to provide you with basic knowledge to get you through the first levels and start you towards Level 8.

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Leveling and AP

You gain Action Points (AP) to level up by performing a variety of game actions. Up to Level 5 it is recommended to focus on Hacking, Deploying, Linking, and Fielding.

When you reach Level 6 your XMP bursters will provide enough damage to allow for solo attacking. Attacking prior to Level 6 can be attempted, but usually only against unprotected portals (portals without mods – see below).
Action Action Points (AP)
Hack Resistance portal 100 AP
Hack Enlightened/Neutral portal 0 AP
Recharge Portal 10 AP
Deploy resonator 125 AP
Upgrade resonator 65 AP
Capture portal 500 AP
Deploy last resonator 250 AP
Deploy mods 125 AP
Link two portals 313 AP
Construct a field 1250 AP
Destroy resonator 75 AP
Destroy link 187 AP
Destroy field 750 AP

AP Requirements: Level 1-8
Level AP Threshold XM Capacity
1 0 3,000
2 10,000 4,000
3 30,000 5,000
4 70,000 6,000
5 150,000 7,000
6 300,000 8,000
7 600,000 9,000
8 1,200,000 10,000

Game Basics

Hacking portals gives you items to play. Any color portal will give you items; Resistance, Enlightened, Neutral. HACK every portal you can! If you long press the HACK button you can also start a mini-game of glyph matching that can earn you bonus items. (Warning, higher level portals require more glyphs.) You can hack portals once every 5 minutes and a maximum of 4 times every 4 hours (unless you use mods – see below).
You power and reinforce portals by deploying Resonators. Deploying the first or last resonator on a portal earns you AP bonuses! So if you see a Neutral portal, capture it!

In addition, resonators have a range from the portal. Try to maximize your range by deploying when the portal is just in reach. Your range is determined by the yellow ring that surrounds your player marker. This makes your resonators harder to destroy!


Good Range


Poor Range


Mods (Modifications) change portal properties and reward the player with 125 AP for deployment. Shields, Force Amps, and Turrets protect the portal through mitigation or damage boosts. Heat Sinks and Multihacks reduce the time between hacks (< 5 minutes) and allow you to hack more times before burnout (> 4 hacks / 4 hours). Link Amps increase the link range of portals; they are not useful to most players in cities.
Resonators of Resistance portals can be attacked with XMP Bursters. XMPs create maximum damage right where you stand and dissipate outwards. Beware! When you attack a portal, it will strike back, taking XM! Ultrastrikes concentrate fire to a tight spot. They are specialty items with a high chance of removing portal mods. Use them when standing directly on the center of a portal to maximize the chance of removing enemy mods.
As you perform all these actions or get attacked by portals you reduce your Exotic Matter (XM) store. Powercubes provide a portable means to refuel your XM bar. Each powercube provides 1000 XM x Level (L1 = 1000XM, L2, 2000XM, etc). You can only use powercubes at or below your current level.
Portal Keys provide a way to remotely access portals, either for viewing or recharging. However, portal keys are most important for linking and fielding which gains you the most AP! Fielding also creates Mind Units (MU) that tie into the game’s story and competition. Around the world and in Los Angeles itself, agents attempt to control the most MU each week.

Links and Fields

If you have a portal key you now have an opportunity to leave that portal and connect another portal back to it, creating a Link. A link requires that both portals are fully deployed with 8 resonators (of any level). When establishing a link, your key is used up in the process. If you want to link to the same portal you must hack it again to get another key.
By connecting three portals into a triangle, you establish a Control Field and create Mind Units (MU) for the Enlightened. In early levels, strive to create many small fields. This is best done by creating short links between portals close together. Long links should be avoided because they make small fields harder or impossible. As you get to L6 and above you will have learned the mechanics and can strive for longer links, yielding larger fields and more MU!

Aquire Key


Look for Targets


Select Target Portal


Create Link


Want more info? Made it to Level 6? An in depth guide is coming soon!

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