Abbreviation Guide

The base set of abbreviations start off as follows:

A: an Ingress agent
P: a portal
F: a farm (i.e. a collection of portals that can be hacked quickly)
R: a resonator
X or B: an xmp burster
C: a powercube
U: an ultrastrike

Each of the things above can have levels associated with them. They can be described by appending the level number to the abbreviations to create new acronyms, such as:

A3: a level 3 agent
P6: a level 6 portal
F4: a level 4 farm
R8: a level 8 resonator
X1 or B1: a level 1 xmp burster (pretty worthless)
C2: a level 2 powercube
U7: a level 7 ultrastrike

In addition, agents, portals and farms can be either Enlightened or Resistance. This information can included by prepending an E or R to the abbreviations above, so:

EA3: a level 3 Enlightened agent (go get that AP!)
RP6: a level 6 Resistance portal (take it out)
EF4: a level 4 Enlightened farm (needs some upgrades)

Portals mods are often commonly abbreviated with the following:

S: a shield
LA: a link amp
HS: a heat sink
MH: a multihack
FA: a force amp
T: a turret

The portal mods have a different scheme entirely because their levels are described by the frequency with which they can be hacked, so:

CHS: a common heat sink
RS: a rare shield
VRLA: a very rare link amp (very rare indeed)

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